Hi! Welcome to GRACE+TRUTH | Finding Jesus at the Crossroads, a website birthed from inner struggles, beautiful redemption and holy surrender. My name is Dana, and what you will find among these pages comes from a desire within my soul to create with words and images what grace and truth is creating in me. 

I am "Mrs." to my handsome best friend, Rick, "Mom" to two beautiful, married daughters, and "Gigi" to two grand boys who have stolen my heart. I am addicted to Jesus, drinking coffee, and things that smell really good.

And I am a writer. (There, I said it.) Though its taken eight years for me to own this gift and share my heart with the world, I've never not written. 

I started blogging online in 2010 when my husband was diagnosed with stage four cancer. My purpose was to keep family and friends in the loop. It became a platform of hope and encouragement to those who visited. And it prepared me for this work.

Today, I blog about sacred, and sometimes hard things that anchor my soul to God, as well as write devotionals for women's Bible studies.

Also, I'm working on my first book, FROM WHERE I STOOD | It's Not About the Cancer. Its my story of how God used addiction, a broken marriage, and cancer to turn my understanding of true love on its head.

I am honored you stopped by. While you are here, my prayer is that you too, will find Jesus in this space. Where grace and truth collide.